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Our Story Was Disrupted

At the first Community Conversation, Native leaders discussed the erasure of Indigenous history, relationships between language and place, and the inherent rights of water.

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A Place of Connection

“We have a responsibility to maintain a connection with the River.”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council

The Earth Remembers

“I’ve been taught that the earth remembers. The more time we spend in a place in silence and ceremony, the more we can remember, both the bad and the good.”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council

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There is Power in This Place

“The white/dominant culture doesn’t see the earth as alive; they see it as a resource to be extracted and used. They never saw Spirit Island as a place of birth and life, but as an economic resource that needed to be extracted to run the mills.”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council

We Are Illegal

“[Previous generations] knew there was a law that said they couldn’t be here… so they stayed away. It took a long time for me to know that we’re illegal.”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council

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An Opportunity to Restore a Story Disrupted

“How can we begin to heal? How can we understand and acknowledge this site, this home, of our Dakota people, if we don’t have access?”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council

Water is Life

“We need to recognize the River has been here for ages. The River knows what she wants to happen… She is alive, she is a Spirit.”

-Member of the Native Partnership Council


Feb 15, 2022
A Story Disrupted: Indigenous Perspectives

Mar 16, 2022
Relationships with the River: Water is Life

May 19, 2022
Restoring A Story Disrupted: What Can This Place Become?

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