"We support the St. Anthony Falls Upper Lock as the centerpiece of an iconic civic and cultural destination, reflective of our shared history, and our stewardship of clean water, for the use and enjoyment of all."

 Coalition Voices

The coalition of organizations supporting the vision of a world class visitor and interpretive center on the Upper Lock includes more than two dozen non-government stakeholder entities and multiple government participants. The logos on this page reflect endorsing organizations - those who have endorsed the coalition statement by formal action of their leadership board or committee. The Falls contributes to implementing adopted plans and policies of the City of Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, Meet Minneapolis, the Minnesota Historical Society, the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board, Minneapolis Downtown Council, and the Minneapolis Park Foundation.

The City of Minneapolis has included the project on its list of priorities for state funding, and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board has passed a resolution expressing its commitment to collaboration.

Additionally, letters of support for the Falls Initiative were submitted to the City of Minneapolis Committee on Intergovernmental Relations from Friends of the Mississippi River, Minneapolis Downtown Council, Meet Minneapolis, Wilderness Inquiry, Mississippi Park Connection, and the National Parks Conservation Association.

Participation, Endorsements, and Letters

The full list of organizations and entities who have participated in coalition meetings, endorsed the coalition statement, or written letters of support include:

Coalition Meetings

Friends of the Lock & Dam has convened large coalition meetings to bring stakeholders together in a spirit of coordination and shared visioning. Detailed information about coalition meetings and outcomes can be found on the Milestone Meetings page of this website.